You shall silence your living to free your dead, for you will find yourself again once the ghosts are spread.”Dreamy, impulsive, but mostly confused, this is Lola.Entangled in a strange escape game she did not start, she is being followed by the one thing she thought she escaped: a presence that isn’t happy with her decisions… that would find her wherever she goes…“They say the discovery of the unknown allows you to discover yourself along the way.”


Sahar Ayachi
Sahar Ayachi

«Born in Tunisia in 1989, Sahar has followed a scientific career, currently
pursuing a doctoral degree in energy materials, all the while carrying a big
passion for literature and languages. After eight years abroad, between Asia
and Europe, Sahar comes back to Tunisia with this second edition of her
novel “Orchid”, where psychology, reality and fantasy merge and collide.»

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