stardust couv


«She has always felt like she was good on paper, When polished and edited and auto-corrected.

With the right fonts and the right margins,One could almost miss it; The deep hollowness in between the lines.»

A book about a constellation of homo-sapiens written for all Booklovers regardless of their planet of origin.

Rania Attafi
Rania Attafi

Rania Attafi is a Tunisian poet born in 1993.
She is an English major graduate and an outspoken feminist.
She was previously published in the American magazine “Mount Analogue”.
She is the co-founder of Book Lovers; an online community that celebrates the obsession of reading with bookworms from all over the world.
She has been suffering from an extreme case of Astrophilia since infancy;
she says this book is a side effect.
Also, Rania Attafi is not a muggle.

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